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Bravos N. Panagiotis

Crane Rentals, Clark, Basket Towers, Crane Trucks,
Lifts, Telescopic Cranes, Special Cranes, Lifting Machines


The company "Kantianis Geranoi - Bravos N. Panagiotis" is based in Tripoli and is located at the 4th km of Tripoli - Argos Tripoli.
It is active in the field of cranes - transport and stands out for the quality of work and its consistency.

Our company with many years (since 1960) in the field of special transport / rentals / elevators,
promises you quality, reliability, perfect cooperation, efficiency, unique prices and customer satisfaction.

Our company has machines for telescopic cranes up to 200t and height 90m - klark 10t
and baskets up to 30m and parrots with a lifting capacity of 5t - 30t
and height up to 40m for both indoor and outdoor. (TRANSPORT / LIFTING)

Lifting Works - Cranes
Rentals of Cranes
Rentals Clark
Lift any object

Lift any object

Our complete and state-of-the-art equipment and fleet, which is constantly updated, enables us to offer quality work. Always accompanied by experienced and fully specialized staff which in turn ensures